Cycling between ancient river ports

We are in the inland of Venice, in the southern part of the city of Padua, in the middle of the Natural Park of the Euganean Hills.

Our circular itinerary by bike connects two ancient river ports: Pontemanco on Biancolino canal and Battaglia Terme on Battaglia canal.

The bike tour follows the green ways of our territory: the romantic meanders of Vigenzone canal and the river banks of the Battaglia and Biancolino medieval canals.

We stop visit the most ancient mill in Veneto, the Abbey of Santo Stefano in Due Carrare and the waterfall in Battaglia Terme.

In the end, wine tasting at a local winery of the association Wine Road Euganean Hills.


Itinerary: in plain, on country roads, low traffic asphalt roads and river banks

When: every day on demand

Meeting point: Azienda agricola Salvan, Via Mincana 143, Due Carrare (PD), free parking

How to arrive: by car (free parking), by train from Padua and Venice

Difficulty: easy, 20 km lenght in plain

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: on demand

Points of interest: Catajo Castle, the ancient mill in Pontemanco, Santo Stefano Abbey, river port of Battaglia Terme and the waterfall

Bike rental: on request

For information and reservation: tel. +39 328 4089272 , e-mail:

In case of bad weather, the excursion might be modified or canceled.

This experience was proposed during IT.A.CÀ: Festival of Responsible Tourism, an unique event of this kind in Italy and Europe that represents a good practice in which tourists and the local community give life to socially innovative practices that contribute to develop the territory in a sustainable way.

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