Trekking tour and olive oil tasting

Trekking tour and local products tasting in the middle of the Natural Park of the Euganean Hills, at 20 from the city of Padua and 50 km from Venice.

During the last centuries, Venetians used to transport the olive oil and all the goods from the Euganean Hills, along waterways, to the rich market in Venice.

The meeting point for our trekking tour is at Colli del Poeta olive oil Mill, fully immersed in the green area of the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills, next to Terme euganee. The extra virgin olive oil is the result of work carried out with passion in a family atmosphere where the main purpose is to rediscover the flavors of a rich land such as that of the Euganean Hills.

At the end, tasting of extra virgin olive oil, paté and wine and explanation of the production process in a ancient Italian olive oil mill.

Itinerary: hilly paths

Metting point: Frantoio Colli del Poeta, via Ventolone, Galzignano Terme (PD), free parking

How to arrive: by car (free parking), by train (railway station Battaglia Terme and local transfer on demand)

When: every day on demand

Difficulty: easy, 6 km lenght, difference in level 220 m

Duration: 3 hours

Points of interest: nature and culture of the Euganean Hills, ancient settlements

Price: on demand

Equipment nedded: trekking shoes and clothing k-way, water.

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