Porec bike lane

Come and discover the bike path that follows the old railway from Porec to Trieste among Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

The bike allows you to enjoy unusual view points, different from traveling by car on the usual paved roads. It is the ideal way to make a journey while remaining immersed in the environment crossed.

For centuries the territory of Istria has been inhabited by men of different cultures, traditions and languages. Of these stories, today’s Istria still retains many visible traces, despite the very strong turmoil of the twentieth century.

What you can not miss on this trip:

the spectacular views of the sea, hills, red soil, cultivated plains, mountains and villages of stone houses,
the warm welcome of the Istrians,
local gastronomy
traces of the dominion of the Venice Republic

Autonomous arrival at the Venice airport.

Bike delivery.

Transfer autonomously by ferry from Venice to Porec.

Self-guided tour in Istria along the Porec cycle path to Muggia, Trieste to Venice.

Return autonomously by plane.

We offer: bike rental (click on our page) with airport delivery, people and bike transfers with minibus and bike trolley Venezia / Trieste-Poreč, route map file. Booking ferry Venice-Poreč for people and bikes.

We are available to customize your tour.

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