Walking around Lispida Castle

Trekking tour in the middle of the Natural Park of the Euganean Spa and Hills, close to the cities of Padua and Venice.

An expert guide will accompany you for a walking tour in the plain field next to Lispida Castle. For many centuries the trachyte, the gray volcanic rock used to pave the squares and streets in Venice, was extracted from the Lispida hill. Nearby the thermal lake created a warm microclimate, very good to produce valuable wines. Our walking finishes in the cellar of course!

Itinerary: mainly in plain, on country roads, low traffic asphalt roads and river banks

Departure:  Lispida Castle, via IV Novembre, Monselice (PD), free parking

How to arrive: by car or by train (the closest station is Battaglia Terme)

When: every day on demand

Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty:  easy, 10 km lenght, difference in level 67 m

Price: on demand

Languages: Italian and English

Points of interest: Lispida Castle, Valli Selvatiche, ancient village of Valsanzibio, Villa Barbarigo

For information and reservation: tel. +39 328 4089272 , e-mail: info@viaggiarecuriosi.com

In case of bad weather, the excursion might be modified or canceled.

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Tel +393284089272 info@viaggiarecuriosi.com